Life Coaching Explained

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From Surviving to Thriving
  • Learning and growth.
  • Learning to trust yourself as you find your answers from within.
A Collaborative Profesional Partnership
  • Your coach has the tools and resources to help you along the path you choose.
  • Look at the big picture of your life.
Solution and Results Focused
  • Learning what works to support your goals and what gets in the way.
  • Holding yourself accountable to seeing your goals through.
A Transformational Journey
  • Unlock your inner potential.
  • Empowers you to live your dreams and accomplish your goals.
Be the Kind of Person You Want to Be
  • Envision the kind of life you want to live.
  • Become more authentically yourself
Uncover Your True Self
  • Discover who you really are underneath the many ways that the world has shaped all of us.
  • Learn to use your values and your strengths in order to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.
Life Coaching Explained

What is Life Coaching?

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Life Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching helps people lead more fulfilled and meaningful lives. Beginning with a focus on what already works for you. Coaching will enable you to identify and optimize your values and strengths. Look at the big picture of your life so you can fine-tune and adjust the path you are on. 

Business planning, career counseling, psychotherapy (if required), and online training are key component of my approach to coaching.

Coaching encourages deep reflection about yourself and your life to increase personal insight and awareness. Apply this new understanding to make clear, informed, and fresh choices.

Finally, coaching is about committing to actions that will create real, lasting change and move you towards a more meaningful, happy, and fulfilling life.


The coach does not label or view a client as fraught with dysfunctions. Instead, the coach engages the client in a process that guides them to the realization that we all experience both healthy and less than healthy reactions in response to the world around us. In many settings and with a creative variety of experiments, the coach and client explore the personal life operating system, the client is currently using.


The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career if they are engaging with their coach. This process can help develop individuals across a wide range of needs and can even benefit them on a personal level. Coaching boosts confidence, improves work performance, and builds effective communication skills.

The great benefit of coaching is that you are very likely to see quick, positive results as an outcome. Coaching is interactive and co-creative– which means you create your plan collaboratively with your coach. People tend to learn and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in an open, caring, empathetic, and collaborative learning process.

The process is entirely devoted to you, your issues, and the attainment of your new goals. Coaching will continuously challenge you in positive ways and encourage you to work on the issues you identify as needing improvement.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are typically held once a week for 60-minutes. Clients share personal goals, dreams, values, emotions, and thoughts in an open and supportive environment. Coaching sessions explore the present and supercharge clients discover effective ways to achieve their goals and dreams in their lives.

Coaching can be short-term (a few sessions), dealing with immediate matters, or long-term (months), dealing with more complex and longer-term goals.

What is Life Coaching?

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