Video Collaboration

Coaching and Counselling Wherever You Are

Easy to Use

Simple video collaboration and messaging on any device

Anywhere, on Any Device

Collaborate at any time on any device.

Secure & Private

Secure encrypted communication for all digital collaborations.

Video Collaboration
Privacy and Security Compliance

Collaboration That Fits Your Lifestyle

  • Don't let life stand in the way of your personal goals, well-being, and transformation.

  • Access professional coaching or counselling wherever you are.

  • Connect and attend your sessions, whether you live in a city, are traveling, or reside in a remote community.

  • Eliminate travel time and reduce wait times to get the care and support you need.

Outstanding Video Collaboration

  • In the modern world you need to be able to collaborate wherever you are.

  • Access professional coaching and counselling that fits your mobile lifestyle.

  • Get the same excellent video collaboration experience on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

  • Participate in an engaging and interactive group coaching or group counselling experience with participants in different locations

  • Flexibly adjust your coaching and counselling session times and locations without worrying about being chained to your desk or lengthy travel times.

Free Global Communication

  • Collaborate using free audio or video communications from anywhere in the globe.

  • Video collaboration mobile apps and software are free.

  • Connect to your session without voice long distance charges using your Internet connection.

  • Free Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) and toll-free dial-in from over 55 countries.

  • Use the Internet connection on your device to participate in high-quality digital voice and video communication.

Outstanding Digital Collaboration


Minimizing Disruption

Video collaboration allows this process to happen regularly, conveniently, and with minimal disruption to the client's daily activities and routine. Clients gain the advantage of receiving reinforcement and support from their coach at any time, everywhere they are, and in a way that fits into their lives seamlessly.

Active Listening

One of the foundations of coaching is the process known as "active listening." Coaches can focus entirely on what the client is saying with acceptance, compassion, and without any judgment.

The power of active listening can happen using video collaboration, through voice communication, and interactive chat across timezones in a way that fits our complex schedules.

Goal Setting With Accountabiity

Another aspect of coaching is the process of setting goals—and being accountable for meeting those goals. A coach will walk their client through the process of setting specific, measurable, articulate, and reality-based goals. Coaching holds the client accountable by establishing an actual timeline, adds accountability, and ultimately leads to success.

Video collaboration allows the coach and client to schedule regular check-ins so the client can receive feedback, get support, overcome obstacles, and be accountable. This convenient and consistent access to coaching and mentoring will generate lasting results for the client.

Reinforcement Generates Results

Pure coaching is not always possible, especially in the lives of fast-moving clients who are juggling multiple tasks and commitments. A healthy mentoring relationship is a central part of the coaching experience. Mentoring, coaching, practice, and reinforcement, when combined, produce remarkable results.

Video collaboration is a phenomenal way to mentor, share best practices, engage in interactive exercises, and actively participate in a highly collaborative and constructive coaching process.